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 Dear friends,

I am happy to be in Copenhagen again.
It is always a pleasure to return to this wonderful city – the home of my good friend and fellow freedom fighter, the Danish hero Lars Hedegaard.
It is always a privilege to be in the capital of the brave Danish people.
And it is always an honor to be a guest of your great organization.
The Danish Free Press Society is a beacon of light. For Denmark, for Scandinavia, for the whole of Europe, and for the entire West. Your staunch defense of civil liberties, such as freedom of speech, serves as an inspiration for many, including myself and my party.
On a moment like this, when the free world is in mortal danger, an organization such as the Danish Free Press Society is needed more than ever.

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Schriftelijke vragen van de leden De Graaf en Wilders (beiden PVV) aan de minister van V&J:

Bent u bekend met het bericht 'Iedereen bij moskee wist van shariahuwelijken'? (*)

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